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Why Your Company Should Invest In Business Lunches

The benefits of doing business over lunch have been touted over the years. It’s been proven again and again that the presence of food can have a positive effect on your business deals.Phone and Skype aren’t personal enough to close this deal. It needs to be face to face. Don’t go to their office. Don’t even meet for coffee or a drink. You need to invite them for lunch. Here’s why, and how:

You’ll Control the EnvironmentWhy Your Company Should Invest In Business Lunches

Their office is their turf: their colleagues may interrupt you, or they may be distracted by calls or emails. Even if they agree to come to your office, you don’t want any distractions there either. Besides, being in your territory may prompt them to put up their guard. You want them at ease. You want the environment to work for you. You can control the entire atmosphere at lunch. You want a neutral atmosphere. Be sure to find out of they have any dietary restrictions on preferences and choose accordingly.

You’ll Be on Equal Footing

Having someone come and sit to talk to you opposite your large desk sends a very clear message about who is in charge. While this is ideal in many situations, there are certain situations where going the extra mile to show a potential partner that you value them as an equal will yield better results. You can achieve a similar but more subtle effect at a business lunch by ensuring that you are the main focal point from their point of view.

Remove Timeframe

In a typical meeting, the agenda controls the time frame and the conversation can become dry. Most people schedule at least 60-90 minutes for business lunches, giving you more time to make your point in a more relaxed environment.People like to do business with people they like, and this is your time to make a good impression.

The Bill

The moment we all love after a nice meal….the bill. Paying for the meal will put you in a power move position. You can decide whether or not to tell your prospect up front that this experience is on you, or wait until the end as a surprise. Either way, you’ll put them in a position of gratitude at the end, leaving you open to pursue the next steps.

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