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Tips For a Successful Evening Wedding Reception 

Many couples prefer to host their wedding reception in the evening. Most guests, on the other hand, don’t have other plans or engagements during the evening so they are more likely to stay until the end to join the after-party fun.  

Since their wedding reception will be the venue’s last event for that day, couples do not feel anxious or too concerned about clearing out the venue before the cut-off time. There will still be an end time, but the venue will most likely not hurry the event along because there is no other event to follow that they will have to prepare for. 

But how can you successfully plan your own evening wedding reception? Check out these three valuable tips below. 

Plan the structure/arrangement of the program 

If the wedding ceremony is taking place in the early afternoon and the reception is at around seven in the evening, you may consider scheduling the cocktail hour an hour before the reception starts. You may serve some cocktails while everyone is busy chatting with each other and the venue staff are setting up the food. 

As the evening wedding reception starts, cake cutting is usually the first thing to happen followed by other arrangements such as the first dance and entertainment. One of the final parts of the reception to plan for is the dinner. Depending on what time you served the wedding breakfast or lunch, you may want to serve food no later than 9 PM.  

There are a wide variety of food options these days, and among the most popular are food trucks and the all-time favourite, food buffet. Either of which, you just have to ensure that there is enough food for everyone to indulge. 

Personalise your wedding reception

While every wedding is memorable, you can make yours more unforgettable by making it more personalised for you, your other half, and the guests. You can do this by adding a few touches and details. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. What’s important is that it leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests. 

Some of the personalisation you can hire or organise are entertainment, personalised drink and guest book tables, dessert stations, and more. 


Like any other important event, music should not be absent in a wedding reception, especially in the evening when everyone is in a party mood. But while almost everyone prefers having a dance party, there are a few who hate it. Preparing the format and style of music to play on that day needs careful consideration.  If almost everyone is up for a party, you may choose to hire a DJ to make the event more fun. You can also opt for a band or other types of entertainers, whoever suits the situation and the format of the wedding reception best. Need help in creating the evening wedding reception of your dreams? Contact us at Manchester Catering Company. We offer complete catering and event planning services for parties and events of all sizes. We can help you create a personalised and memorable wedding reception at cost-effective rates. 

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