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Manchester Catering Company Covid-19 Update

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has a growing impact on the global economy, as much as it has impacted our daily lives and work operations. Many offices are in indefinite closure, hurting the whole corporate catering industry. Adapting to the new normal means making adjustments on the products and services we offer at Manchester Catering Company, including the way we work.

Below are some of the changes we made to keep everyone – our staff, customers, and partners – safe in our catering services.

Foods Don’t Spread Coronavirus

According to the European Food Safety Authority and the Government, the coronavirus is spread through close person-to-person contact. There is no evidence that it could spread through food or food packaging. Even though the virus can’t spread through food, it is our initiative to make a conscious effort in keeping the food and services we provide safe at all times.

Our Safe Catering Facility

With our large and modern corporate catering facility, everyone working in the company can observe the proper physical distancing in our production kitchens, storage rooms, and offices. The following safety measures are also closely monitored:

  • 2.5 x 2.5m square designated work areas with floor markings
  • We have hand sanitizers stationed around our building, inside and outside
  • Handwash sinks in all production rooms and the other areas of the building
  • To avoid unnecessary contact with each other and unauthorised people inside our premises, we use an RFID entry system to control who enters each section of the building
  • We ensure that all ingredients and catering supplies are safe before entering the storage. We use a HACCP plan to inspect and sanitize all delivered items in our goods-in system and sanitation area.

Adjusted Production Protocols

Even before the pandemic, Manchester Catering Company has been complying strictly with the health and hygiene protocols, evident from the 5-star food hygiene rating we were able to maintain throughout the years. The local environmental health office also regularly visits for inspection. Also, further safety measures are added to our protocols to ensure optimal safety in our production. The frequency of cleaning task is now increased to two to four hours in all the common areas of the building Frequent handwashing regulation for all food and non-food staff is implemented. All delivery bags and delivery vehicles are chemically cleaned and sanitised every day.

In addition to our regular PPE for food production, all food and non-food staff are required to wear the following when entering the food production area:
  • A white overcoat and black trousers that are laundered by a professional workwear hygiene company
  • Disposal face mask, aprons, and sleeve covers
  • Disposable hairnet
  • Disposable mob-cap
  • Company Staff Guidelines

All our company staff, including the non-food handlers, have undergone Food Hygiene Level 2, Manual Handling, and Allergen Awareness Training. The training includes the ‘Working at Distance’ – a program specially created to help our staff adjust to our current working situation.

Our Suppliers

Most of the items we use are created in-house in our catering facility using ingredients from different suppliers. This made our production go as smoothly as possible without disruptions. Our packaging, on the other hand, is slightly affected because most of the packaging supplies we use are imported overseas. Since international shipments are currently backlogged, we are temporarily using different packaging. We may be using different packaging on our products, but rest assured that they are of a necessary standard and environmentally-friendly.

New Services

Many of our corporate clients are unable to get back to work until early next year due to the challenges and changes we experience during these tough times. We always wish for the health and safety of everyone. For corporate clients with staff returning to the office during the pandemic, a range of new menus is added to our catering services. These menu changes are carefully planned and created to help you adhere to the new dining policies.
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    From Celebrity Events To Corporate, Manchester Catering Company Ltd Cater For Everyone, Our Food Will Be The Show Piece Of Your Event.

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    From Celebrity Events To Corporate, Manchester Catering Company Ltd Cater For Everyone, Our Food Will Be The Show Piece Of Your Event.