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Choosing The Right Wedding Venue

Event planning involves making many decisions – choosing the right venue is likely to be the first on the list. Finding the perfect venue for your event is crucial and will inevitably impact on every other aspect – from the date and time, to production and, of course, catering.

As a family run business with over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have grown as a company through repeat custom and recommendations into the successful business we are today. We have catered for many different occasions including events for music stars, sport stars and many others. We make any kind of event extra special and with our professional staff and the extensive knowledge of the industry, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

With our 35 years experience and the knowledge we have within the industry we have put together some guidelines about what factors to consider and which questions you should be asking…


Whilst it is advisable to start your search as soon as possible, before considering any practical elements, make sure you are clear about the event objectives. What is the purpose of the event? What do you want guests to be thinking/feeling/saying as they walk out of the venue at the end of the event? What is the long-term outcome you wish to accomplish?

Once you are clear about ‘what’ you want to achieve, you should consider ‘how’ you can make it happen.

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Knowing the budget will help you get an idea of how many people you’ll be able to invite, which will help narrow down your wedding venue search significantly. Avoid falling in love with venues that are too small or too big, which you can only know once you’ve assembled a preliminary guest list based on your preliminary budget!

It is essential that the venue is the right size – if it is too small, you risk the event becoming overcrowded and uncomfortable, too big and your guests may feel swamped by too much space.


Choosing “where” can be the most difficult decision for many couples, especially if they’ve got very different ideas. Does the venue need to be within walking distance from a particular place? Somewhere with good transport links is ideal, however outside space and parking facilities may also be desirable.

If it’s really important to have as many of your loved ones there as possible you might want to think about going local. Lots of young couples worry that they won’t be able to find a venue in their price bracket in the city, but there are always options especially if you can book far enough in advance.


The look and feel of the venue will affect the overall perception of the event, and by extension the host. What message do you want to send to guests? Historic, modern, quirky or traditional?

Would it enhance the guest experience to opt for a venue which can offer event content such as an exhibition or interactive experience?

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